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Diet & Exercise

Download the Diet & Exercise factsheet (PDF).

Why do we ask?

Eyes are part of your body. Look after your body and you're helping to look after your eyes.

Just 30 minutes of going for a walk each day is associated with a decreased risk of many conditions which can impact on your eyes. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, gut health problems, and autoimmune conditions.

Importantly, we've noticed that the biggest single common denominator in macular degeneration patients WHOSE DISEASE STOPS, is that they have regular exercise in their lives. This correlates with world-wide research.

Diet is vital too. A Mediterranean diet is great for your eyes, especially if you'd like to not suffer from vision loss through macular disease.

A healthy diet also helps with gut health problems, which in turn helps to settle inflammation around the body. Inflammation commonly affects eyes, leading to dry eyes, and contributing to other eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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Download the Diet & Exercise factsheet (PDF).