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Slit lamp microscope

Diagnostic services

At ICU we take the time to ensure that your eyes are maintained at peak health in every way. 

We have a special interest in the many causes of red and sore eyes, and regularly receive referrals from local GPs. We are fully qualified to prescribe the eye medications necessary for the large majority of common eye conditions.

We use advanced 3D imaging and other technology to detect and manage the subtle problems that can disturb the inside of your eye, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract and other conditions.

We analyze the contours of your external eye to make sure you're not getting unusual visual distortions, and how your eyes move to rule out neurological problems.

And much more besides. Our specs and sunnies are superb, and our contact lenses work wonders - but there's much, much more to eye care than that!