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Children's vision

Children's vision

It’s tremendously important that all children have their vision checked early. We recommend a first examination between the ages of 4 and 5, and earlier if you have concerns. 

Kids’ vision exams are fun and engaging for the child, and most come out with beaming smiles. 

It’s also important that visual checks are maintained through the teen years, when short-sightedness is most likely to develop. We offer the most advanced techniques to hold this in check. 

For those kids that need spectacles, we have frames for every face - and frames tough enough to withstand the most destructive enthusiastic child.

The visual function of young children is crucial to their development, yet many problems can fly under the radar.  Kids know only their own vision, and often it’s not until they’re older that they compare their sight to others and realise something might be wrong.

Make an appointment to have your child's vision checked now. 

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