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Book an Appointment now.

How much time do you need for your Appointment Type? 

     Comprehensive Examinations*: 
          ALL new patients: 45 minutes 
     Routine 1-yearly Comprehensive Examinations: 
          Returning patients 65 and over: 45 minutes
          DILATED exams (eg for diabetes): 45 minutes 
     Routine 2-yearly Comprehensive Examinations: 
          Returning patients under 65**: 30 minutes 
     15 minute Appointments for:
          Dry eye examinations, Follow up Consultation, Pressure Test, Lash Removal, Cataract Check, 
          Quick Check & Contact Lens Aftercare.
     Call 3368 3644 for: Emergency Care and Contact Lens Fittings

* Should you book a Comprehensive Examination? 
If you haven’t seen us before OR haven’t had a full check (anywhere) for 12 months (65 and over) or 2 years (under 65). Then booking a Comprehensive Examination is best. 

** unless you know you’ll need to have your pupils dilated, in which case, please book a 45 minute consultation. 

If you’re unsure what to book, simply book a Quick Check. Your optometrist will address your concern and help you to decide whether you need to come back in for any further examinations.